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Technology (Remote, Hybrid and In Person Delivery options)

In alignment with STEAM curriculum standards, we offer Music Composition through Technology, iMovie Making and Digital Photography residencies utilizing Mac OSX, iPad and Apple iLife software that help to prepare students for the workplace of the future.

Class presentationMusic Composition Through Technology
(Grades 5-12)

Feel like a professional producer by learning how to use a Web-based Music Production program that allows even non-musicians to create music. This program works on all computer operating systems (PC/MAC) and syncs with mobile devices (Android/iPhone) as well. Students will learn how to arrange and edit tracks, along with basic production skills such as adding automation, equalization (EQ), compression, and reverb to add a unique identity to their songs. By the end of the residency, each student would have recorded an original music composition in a genre of their choosing. Students will also learn to create their own podcasts.  Learn about this exciting computer program and how you can incorporate it into your curriculum to integrate technology and the arts.

Class participationDigital Photography & Digital Movie Making (Grades 5-12)
In Person - A professional visual artist guides students to creat Portraiture, still-life, and location photography with their own PDA based digital cameras. 

Remote Classes - Students will use their own web connected devices such as a smartphone, iPad or Chromebook to develop and create their own visual pieces guided by a professional videographer, while using available web based technological platforms to foster innovation and creativity.

Hybrid Classes - Can be adapted to include iPad when available, using the  iPhoto and iMovie apps.  Final photography and video editing will incorporate the use of artist provided iPad Air and will familiarize participants with Mac OSX and the native Mac programs iPhoto and iMovie as well as web based software compatabe with any device with a browser.

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