Professional Development

The Arts For Kids philosophy is based on the fact that in order for a child to be fully prepared for the 21st century workforce, they must be afforded a for a creative thought process, which drives innovation in any professional field. We believe that arts participation experiences stimulate creative pathways in the brain that can improve personal growth and learning. 

Our Professional Development workshops help educators develop new tools and strategies for teaching and learning through the arts while implementing the State Learning/Core Curriculum Content Standards. 

An Arts For Kids professional development workshop can be tailored for a 90 minute, 3 hour, or full day experience during school or after, as well as in a weekend retreat format.

Programs Include:

Music for Special Learners – A hands on workshop for educators that incorporates percussion, storytelling, and music into the classroom using authentic African instruments, songs, and techniques for original music creation. Suitable for all teachers and staff. No prior musical experience is necessary.

Conflict Resolution Through Drama – Using drama participants will learn acting techniques, theatre games and improvisation skills that focus on conflict resolution in the classroom. 

Early Childhood Teacher/Parent Training Program – Supports the professional development of pre-school staff and children who are underserved by local educational systems and have limited access to the arts. These series based programs can be provided to children, educators families in cooperation with existing early childhood education programs. Through participation in the workshops, teachers learn how to use art in their overall classroom experience to intensify and encourage children’s learning processes.  Parents are given tools that enable them to practice art activities with their children at home, encouraging literacy, self-expression and arts appreciation. As a result, children improve their reading skills, have a better ability to communicate, improve their behavior, and show increased confidence and heightened concentration.