NEW! Indian Dance with Rhythm Concentration

Participants will be taught basic movements of feet and various rhythm patterns which can be simplified as time cycles of 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 and how to combine them with body/movement. Students who have prior experience in other rhythmic dance forms such as tap might find this course interesting. Beginners who want to explore and understand the basics of Indian classical dance and music will also benefit from this course. 

NEW! Indian Dance with Communicative Concentration

In this component participants will be taught hand gestures and basic mime components. They will also be trained in using them for communicating the literal, and metaphorical meanings of lyrics. English poems will be used as examples for interpretation. 

African Dance (Grades K-12)

Celebrate a variety of African cultures with this lively residency! A professional dancer will take participants on a cultural journey using traditional instruments, songs, and movements from various countries in Africa. The workshops will conclude with a final performance featuring a dance routine.

Modern, Jazz, Tap Dance (Grades K-12)

A professional dancer teaches the fundamentals of modern, jazz, and tap dance techniques. Students will learn the basic elements of dance, explore movement on many different levels, and engage the use of energy in movement. Using traditional and contemporary music, participants will execute the dance techniques and culminate the workshop in a final performance.

Capoeira (Grades 3-12)

This exciting residency highlights Brazilian culture by combining elements of martial arts, sports, and music that dates back to the sixteenth century. Created in Brazil by African slaves, Capoeira uses quick acrobatic movements that blend martial arts and dance.

Latin Dance (Grades K-12) 

Celebrate the cultures of South America, Central American, and the Caribbean with dance workshops in Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Tango, Cumbia, Cha-Cha, and Mambo and more! Taught by a professional dancer/choreographer this class actively engages participants by cultivating an interest in the field of folkloric partner dance styles and ballrooms across the country. The classes create an atmosphere of health and wellness by challenging the physical stamina of each participant in a fun and communal way, while teaching the historical elements behind each dance!