Arts For Kids leverages our community partners, schools, and technology resources to create the most comprehensive coding / STEAM program available. In alignment with STEAM curriculum standards, we offer a variety of music, videography, and photography classes.

LEGO League

By combining the versatility of LEGO bricks with the problem-solving aspects of coding, children can explore and apply STEAM principles in a fun and interactive way (LEGO kits required).

Modern Videography 101

Jump into the director’s chair using the tools and resources all around you! Phones, tablets, or any device with a camera can create and film ideas that you can share with your friends, families, and community.

Music Technology with SoundTrap

Feel like a professional producer by learning how to use a web-based music production program. Participants will learn how to arrange and edit tracks in a collaborative software environment that fosters the mastery of basic production skills.


Participants will design a still-life set up using small objects of art. Manipulating the images using the Photo Booth app on the iPads, participants will learn the process of editing images with at least four photo apps.

Coding and Robotics

Using Block Canvas, JavaScript, along with drones and Sphero robots, students will be able to develop & rewrite complex programs. This course provides participants with a comprehensive STEAM experience. A Robot created student coded visual art piece can be added as an option.

Digital Photography & Digital Movie

A professional visual artist guides participants to create portraiture, still-life, and location photography with their own PDA based digital cameras.