NEW! Poetry

Using poetry prompts that showcase imagination, imagery, and the senses, participants will work to write their own poems. This class emphasizes the participant’s ability to use imagery around them and draw from their experiences and imagination to express their own voice in the written word.  

NEW! Nature Journaling

Participants will learn a variety of techniques for capturing their perceptions on the pages of their nature journals interspersed with guided visualizations, breathing exercises, and nature-themed yoga poses. This holistic approach to nature journaling creates awareness of sensory input vs. output and points students on a path towards mindfulness. They are encouraged to begin a nature journaling practice of their own, a life-long tool for tapping into the wonder of nature around them, as well as within. 

Spoken Word Workshop 

This course will introduce participants to the rudiments of poetry, including but not limited to, metaphors, similes, and hyperbole.  Participants will read various styles of poetry, such as meter, free-verse, stanza, and haiku. Participants will also interpret the work of existing artists, while creating their own original writings. The work produced can be performed for a culminating event or combined with a digital music residency to create original compositions with lyrics from the participants. 

Acting and Playwriting Workshops

These courses will introduce participants to the basics of Theatrical Acting, such as, Vocal Projection, Voice and Diction, Stage Movement, and Playwriting. Participants will engage in various creative exercises, that will stimulate their physical activity and writing ability.  The ultimate goal of the courses are to have the participants collaborate in small groups to write and perform their own original play or theatrical presentation. The workshops can be tailored to address themes such as bullying, conflict resolution, and musical theatre.

Multicultural Storytelling (Grades K-12) 

A classroom residency for participants exploring other cultures through storytelling set to music and dance. Craft making workshops are included in this residency using recycled materials, to recreate the characters and props featured in each story.

SEL Aligned Creative writing, spoken word poetry, theater, performance, storytelling Workshops w. Ms. Angela (Grades K-12)

Angela Kariotis centers culturally responsive pedagogy via a trauma informed lens and social emotional learning for an inclusive classroom experience. Participants will employ a radical imagination as they write and perform stories celebrating their histories and futures. From protest poetry to remixing autobiographies, students learn with love and joy. Ms. Kariotis is a communication professor at Seton Hall University. She employs restorative circles and applied and devised theater across the curriculum. Also available for inclusive learning professional development for teachers.