Pre K – 5

What is Jazz?A Multicultural Musical Journey (Pre K-12)
A narrative musical performance for children and adults tracing the history of jazz music from its African roots, South American and Caribbean influences, into New Orleans second line and the Blues, concluding with bebop, modern day jazz and beyond. The performance features an all-star quartet of internationally recognized musicians performing on contrabass, piano, drum set, saxophone and/or voice. A traditional African Stilt Masquerade can be added at an additional cost, which ties in the connection between Jazz music and African dance.

Rainbow Crow (Pre K-5)
This beautiful legend from the Lenape, the indigenous people from NJ, NY, PA and Del, is brought to life with authentic songs, Native American flute music and drums. As the tale unfolds, the entire audience becomes the characters of the story through Native American sign language singing and dance. Lenape language, history and storytelling traditions are woven throughout the performance for an educational and entertaining experience.

Drum Tales (Pre K-5) An exciting, and intriguing presentation of stories about drums and drumming presented in a delightful storytelling format accompanied by traditional African musical instruments. The stories encompass a range of themes from fanciful mythology to historical references including tales such as of “How the Turtle Got Its Shell” or “The Leopard’s Drum”, “The Lion’s Drum” and the story of “Ibo’s Landing” in the Georgia Sea Islands, USA. The stories are performed through storytelling and music with audience participation.  (1 artist) 45 – minute performance.

Wisdom and Delight (Pre K-5) A program of traditional African storytelling accompanied by Music on traditional African musical instruments. It is a magical presentation of stories from throughout the African Diaspora, seamlessly weaving the timeless Wisdom of the elders in the form of age-old tales with the Delight of the sound of traditional acoustic musical instrumentation. Along with the stories each program includes: descriptions, explanations, and audience participation in traditional greetings, songs and dance activities.  (2 artists) 45 – minute performance.

The Fire Children (Pre K-5) This lively musical rendition of an African myth from Ghana celebrates the earth and its multicultural people. As this joyful tale unfolds with Djembe and Thumb Piano accompaniment, the entire audience joins in with the storytellers, through movement games, songs and African Rhythm and Dance. The culture, language and storytelling traditions of the Akan people of Ghana are interwoven throughout the tale for an educational and engaging performance.

Aesop Bops! (Pre K-5) A zoo full of animals comes alive in this fast paced production teaches children about sharing and friendship. With such stories as The Lion and the Mouse, The Fisherman and his Wife and Why the Turtle Has a Checkered Shell, this fun-filled show features ample audience participation as it captivates and motivates. Presented by RainArt Productions.