The History of the Drum (Grades K – 12)

A residency designed to teach children The History of the Drum through performance, storytelling, interactive participation and craft making while combining literacy and creative writing components. The students will learn about various percussion instruments and rhythmic patterns from around the world and how they are used in the music of various continents such as, Africa, South America, The Caribbean and North America. This workshop is taught by a Master Percussionist with over 20 years of professional experience.

“Samba, Samba, Samba” Brazilian Percussion Workshop (Grades K-12)

Students will take a musical voyage through some of the most vibrant musical centers of Brazil. We will visit three states in Brazil. Starting in the southwestern region we fly from New York City to Rio de Janeiro to learn to play samba, the most popular music of Brazil. Then we will travel up the east coast to the state called Bahia to play ijexa. Continuing north up the east coast next we arrive at the hot Northeast region to the state Pernambuco to learn ciranda and forro. In each state we will play the drums, sing the songs and dance to the beat however we will take breaks along the way to explore:Who are the people who play this music? Where does the music originate? What are their festivals and rituals? What is their language? Where do their instruments come from?

Songwriting (Grades Pre K-12)
A professional songwriter will work with children from tots to tweens to teens. With a goal of exposing students to a variety of songs and performance skills that will allow students to combine the joy of making music with the discipline of learning to create original songs. The children have fun learning the craft of songwriting, researching the subject and performing their creation for an audience of peers.
Working with a multitude of themes or leaving the topic open for spontaneity, the songs can be written for a play, specific events, or just for fun. The workshops can also be adapted to Early Childhood and Special Needs groups of all ages using artists who hold credentials in Early Childhood and Special Education. 

“Boom-Chek!” (Grades Pre-K-8)
Sit back and groove while Ms. Kiana takes you on an exciting adventure through “Boom-Chek!”  Rhythm, Grooves, and Theory will be introduced through entertaining, educational, and interactive music creation techniques, rhythmic games and songs. Students will perform on pots, pans, tubes, and buckets to discover their natural ability to create original musical ideas, while addressing standards based learning in the arts.