Grades 6 – 12

What is Jazz?A Multicultural Musical Journey (Grades K-12) 

A narrative musical performance for children and adults tracing the history of jazz music from it’s African roots, South American and Caribbean influences, into New Orleans second line and the Blues, concluding with bebop, modern day jazz and beyond. The performance features an all-star quartet of internationally recognized musicians performing on contrabass, piano, drum set, saxophone and/or voice. An African Stilt Masquerade can be added at an additional cost, which ties in the connection between Jazz music and African dance traditions.

Brazilian Fantasy (K-12) 

Celebrates the rich Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador, Bahia through a diverse repertoire of music and dance. Comprised of Brazilians living in the United States and Brazil, Ologunde includes former members of world renowned music and dance troupes. The ensemble, which ranges from 8-15 members, performs a diverse repetoire which includes the rituals associated with candomble, a synthesis of the Yoruba and Catholic religions in which various orixas (gods) are invoked; the breathtaking capoeira martial arts dance; maculele, a warrior dance which utilitzes sticks and machetes and was originally created in the sugar cane fields by slaves; and the exhilarating samba de roda, which can be traced back to the semba of Angola.

African Dance (K-12) 

Journey to the continent of Africa with this exciting performance featuring professional dancers and traditional African drummers. The audience will be mesmerized by the dancer’s flawless movement, colorful costumes and the powerful sounds of the handmade drums. This is a performance that is not to be missed!

“JAZZ Orpheus” (Grades 5-12) 

A hip-hoppin’, be-boppin’ musical version of the classic Greek myth, Orpheus and Euridice. This story of courage and adventure has a rich meaning and AFK has made itcome alive for today’s kids.  “JAZZ Orpheus” lasts 45 minutes and is presented by RainArt Productions.

African Drum Celebration (K-12) 

Journey to the continent of Africa with this exciting performance featuring professional African drummers. The audience will be mesmerized by the flawless and powerful sounds emulating from their traditional handmade drums. The rhythms performed date back to the 12th century Mali Empire of West Africa. This is a performance that is not to be missed!

The Afro Caribbean Musical Journey (K-12) 

This presentation will introduce you to the many hot rhythms and music of the Afro-Caribbean culture. Particpants will learn about the mambo, rumba, and cha cha chá from Cuba , the bomba and plena from Puerto Rico,  and the merengue from the Dominican Republic. We will also give a short history lesson of where the music and instruments we use, come from.  Our group has a piano, bass , congas, drums, and the flute. We strongly encourage audience participation so don’t be surprised if we ask you to come up and play some maracas, guiro or clave with us!  This presentation will make you squirm in your seats and get you up and dancing! It can be presented in English or Spanish or both!

NEW! Stand Up Speak Out! (On Bias, Bullying and Bystanders) (K – 12)
Get participants thinking, talking and singing about bias, compassion, and the courage to be an Ally with this unique program from saxophonist-singer-songwriter Susan Goodman (Sooz). Godoman’s lively, eclectic blend of jazz, pop, Latin and Afro-beat influenced original songs–informed by her training in bias awareness–open the ears and minds of even the savviest young listeners.  Compelling, easy-to-learn lyrics invite instant participation. Designed to foster respect for differences and a safer, more welcoming learning environment by promoting ally building, bias awareness, and bystander empowerment. 
No silent bystanders! Stand Up! Speak Out! and make a difference!
Study guides available to continue the conversation in classrooms.